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Darya's fate was sealed before she was born. Now she must confront a destiny that transcends time where love and prophecy collide.

After the brutal murder of her roommate, Darya is thrust into a world of danger and ancient prophecies. She learns that her unique ability to communicate with animals is more than a quirk—it's a gift from the father she never knew. Because she shares the blood of the tyrannical god, Cernunnos, Darya is fated to put an end to his sadistic reign. To evade his grasp, she is thrust into the past, losing her memory along the way.

In this forgotten era, she meets Edwind, a warrior shrouded in mystery and burdened with secrets of his own. He and his father are dragon shapeshifters, guardians of a realm that Darya never imagined could exist. Despite the fog of lost memories and the mystery of her journey, an undeniable connection binds her to Edwind—a bond that feels as if it transcends time itself.

But as Cernunnos's minions close in, and the pieces of her forgotten past begin to fit together, Darya is faced with a heart-wrenching choice. Torn between the pull of destiny and the timeless love she harbors for Edwind, her decision holds the power to reshape the future.

Will Darya embrace her destiny? Or will her love for Edwind lead her down a path from which there is no return, risking the very fabric of time and the lives entwined within it?

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